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Our Vision

Latins For USA is an organization founded on the principles and ideals of the United States. We believe our rights are granted by God and not by the government or its entities. The sole purpose of LFTUSA is to bring such truths to the political landscape while protecting citizens
from government overreach.

Keeping the American Dream alive in the Latin community is the main focus. Family values, the importance of family structure, and Judeo-Christian beliefs are the main principles of LFTUSA.

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The Latin community will be heard by politicians and community leaders through this forum. Communication by and for Latins will be at the forefront uniting all of us in keeping our country as the place where our children, parents and grandparents as well as the community in general
can have a better life through political activism.

Many Latins have come from other countries where their rights and freedoms have been denied. It is LFTUSA’s quest to protect those freedoms and opportunities that have been
enjoyed in the United States of America.

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